Our mission

Forget the wait.
Enjoy the experience.

HelloSky Welcome Lounges

Wanderlust is wonderful. Flying is fun. But waiting can be woeful. HelloSky introduces you to a new way of travelling. We offer executive airport services at a fraction of the normal price. An innovative range of services suited towards the needs of the modern traveller. We want to make the start of your trip comfortable, calming and productive. We know that you want to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and ready for the day (or night!) ahead.

"HelloSky is for the well-travelled. It's for the time-efficient, and for people with an eye for quality. It's for the the long haul continent hoppers, and for the frequent flyers who know their way around the world's great cities. It's for those with wanderlust, who look for fresh experiences in new destinations. It's for people who share their adventures and discoveries."

Josep Munné, President

HelloSky Airport MeetingRoom

Feeling hungry? With our top of the range cuisine—food sourced from fresh, locally grown ingredients—we offer our VIPs healthy, well-balanced and delicious meal options, for a range of dietary requirements. And if you don’t see your favourite dish on our menu, get in touch and we’ll try to tailor our catering to your needs.

No need for subscriptions or memberships. You’re all welcome to Club Class with our affordable pay-per-use airport Lounges—perfectly suited to the modern traveller.

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